Haroldo F. Castro

Haroldo Castro was born in Italy from a Brazilian father and a French mother. He lived in all his home countries - Italy, France, and Brazil - and resides in the US and in Brazil. He has visited and documented more than 130 countries around the world.

Some friends consider him a modern Renaissance person, a multi-talented and free spirit character that might be meeting an Environmental Minister in the morning and participating in a shaman ritual in the evening. "Diversity is key to life on Earth. Not only nature needs to be extremely diverse, also human beings. Diversity of activities is the antidote for dullness," affirms Haroldo.

During the last four years, due to his intense work, Haroldo Castro spent half of his time traveling in the five continents: filming lemurs in Madagascar, photographing geysers in Chile, leading workshops in the Philippines, and negotiating with television stations in Bolivia and Peru. Many people would envy his frenetic activity. "I must live each day with as much intensity as I can," says Haroldo